Companies need to share how they use our data. Here are some ideas.


The Internet of things may be the buzzword du jour in business circles, but 87 percent of consumers don’t have any idea what that term means, according to a study from the Altimeter Group. But consumers do know that companies are building more connected devices, and that those devices offer marketers a unique, and unsettling, window into their personal data.

Which is why companies need to develop better ways to communicate how they use and share consumers’ data, perhaps borrowing something from the food or even garment industry.

According to the study, consumers are familiar with the data implications of fitness trackers, connected cars or connected home appliances. And most don’t like it. The average Joe is uncomfortable with a company collecting his data, and really hates the idea of that company selling it to someone else. Here is how Altimeter depicts its findings:

19302085631_3f2a99c7c1_oAltimeter Group

While in general…

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